Sustainable Resources


The ‘Sustainable Resources Driver’ contains two sectors with 18 initiatives. The driver steers the implementation of efforts to optimise the use and enhance the sustainability of Jordan’s natural resources in the areas of energy and water as a precursor to unleashing Jordan’s economic growth and quality of life potential.

Main Goal

Optimise the use of natural resources to ensure sustainability, unleash inclusive sectoral growth and enhance the quality of life


8 Initiative


Including developing an actionable energy transition roadmap (renewables, hydrocarbons, hydrogen, etc.), enhancing energy infrastructure (smart power grid, storage handling, transit pipelines, etc.), and promoting energy cost reduction mechanisms (reform tariff structure, renegotiate PPAs, time of use, etc.)
10 Initiative


Including enhancing water supply and demand management monitoring/control, promoting climate-resilient & sustainable water use practices, launching water desalination projects to enhance water security for Jordanians, and implementing the new Non-Revenue Water strategy to reduce losses in the system.

Other Implementation Drivers