High Value Industries


The ‘High-Value Industries Driver’ contains 9 sectors and 104 initiatives. This driver steers the implementation of future strategies to advance Jordan's industrial economy, turns Jordan into a major industrial hub for the region, and transforms the Kingdom into an export center for products within Jordan's strategic focus. Particular focus is placed on building integrated value chains, driving productivity and innovation, and realizing synergies across Jordan's industrial portfolio by seamlessly connecting sectors in terms of supply, knowledge, and market flows.

Main Goal

Develop Jordan into a regional industrial hub through high growth exports with high quality and value products


15 Initiative


Including developing a manufacturing sector strategy to enhance the sector’s competitiveness and stimulate exports, launching ‘Women-in-Manufacturing’ careers initiative, and promoting entrepreneurship within the sector (SME stimulus/value chains).
15 Initiative

Food Products

Including implementing domestic food security improvements, launching a local and international food products marketing & promotion campaign, and launching food sector industrial crops specialisation (backward integration).
11 Initiative


Including developing a detailed pharmaceutical sector exports strategy & roadmap, turning biological/bio-technological drugs & biosimilar into marketable products, and setting up a pharmaceutical sector-specific R&D advancement initiative.
10 Initiative

Textile Products

Including developing a textiles sector investments initiative, horizontal expansion to enhance value add within the sector, and increase sales throughout the season, expanding the textiles vocational skills training program, and promoting local talent employment in the sector.
9 Initiative

Chemical Products

Including developing a national chemical sector growth strategy and investment roadmap, defining a detailed downstream manufacturing strategy for potash & phosphate feedstock (value-added products/derivatives business) to boost food security (e.g. nitrogen fertilizers), and setting up a chemical products manufacturing complex, in addition to upgrading infrastructure.
14 Initiative


Including revising sector’s laws and regulations according to best practices, establishing an entity responsible for geological surveying to provide exploration companies with available data, launching an FDI outreach campaign, establishing mid/downstream cluster projects, introducing a talent mining initiative, and designing a mining strategy to unleash the potential within the sector
15 Initiative


Including establishing a dedicated Food Security governing body, setting up an Integrated Agro-Industrial Food Park, launching a Jordan Food Investment Acceleration Fund, enhancing Jordan’s grain storage (particularly wheat and barley), and leveraging the Kingdom’s geographic location to become a regional food security hub.
6 Initiative


Including strengthening regional transport links, building the north-south railway network, the Kingdom's northern part with its southern part through the national rail network, upgrading port facilities and roads network, renewing/modernising the trucking fleet, revamping the transport institutional framework, and developing specialised human capacity.

Other Implementation Drivers