Quality of Life

Quality of Life Strategy

As part of the formulation of Jordan Vision, a national survey of 2,500 Jordanian citizens was conducted to measure citizens’ current satisfaction with their overall quality of life and with specific sub-elements. The survey indicated a satisfaction rate of around 40%, and the primary guiding objective of the quality of life pillar is to at least double the rate of citizen satisfaction to 80% by 2033. Improving the quality of life for Jordanians begins with creating jobs and higher income opportunities across governorates, supplemented by developing an ecosystem that supports the creation of higher standards of living, more inclusive lifestyle options and experiences, and active citizen participation in the community.

Foundations of the “Quality of Life” Pillar

To advance the attractiveness of Jordan’s communities and create high standards of living and happiness

Competitive Advantage

Enables Jordan to become one of the best places to live and work


Represents the main indicator for quality of life


For all citizens across Jordan


Laying down the foundations for citizens to enjoy high standards of living


Offering various options & opportunities for everyone

Vibrant Communities

To live in and be a part of

Future Cities

Inspiring future generations

Smart Cities

Connected and sustainable cities

Quality of Life Pillar Goals

Improve day-to-day life Jordanians
  • Improve overall quality of living
  • Improve quality of housing
  • Improve quality of infrastructure and utilities
  • Improve quality of mobility
  • Improve quality of education
  • Improve quality of health and fitness
  • Improve quality of public facilities and services
  • Improve quality of culture, sports and entertainment
  • Improve quality of retail and hospitality
  • Improve quality of community affairs and engagement
  • Improve quality of environment and climate change
  • Improve quality of security and safety
  • Improve quality of rule of law enforcement
Strengthen the International Competitiveness of Jordan as a Place to Live
  • Improve Jordan's position in international Quality of Life rankings
  • Ensure one Jordanian city is among the top 100 globally
  • Advance societies
  • Enhance human development opportunities
  • Strengthen food security position
  • Improve happiness
  • Reduce cost of living in major cities
  • Improve services and infrastructure

Quality of Life Development Priorities

The Vision breaks down the quality of life pillar into two primary components: (1) Livability, which includes the foundational elements required to lead decent and satisfactory lives, and (2) Lifestyle, which includes the supplementary lifestyle options required by citizens to live more enjoyable and comfortable lives. The Vision has further identified 16 elements under both of these aspects, listed below.

“Quality of Life” Framework

“Standard of Living” Main Components

Under the concept of livability, 10 elements were identified as requirements to achieve satisfactory lives for all Jordanians

Public Facilities & Services





Mental Wellbeing

Urban Design

Environment & Climate

Personal Safety & Security

Rule of Law

“Lifestyle” Main Components

Under the concept of lifestyle, six elements were identified as requirements to achieve enjoyable living for all Jordanians

Entertainment Options

Cultural Options

Sports Options

Domestic Travel Options

Shopping Options

Indulgence Options


Implementation Drivers